The Best Challenge Coin: The Commitment

No Ordinary Coin

Here, at, we understand that challenge coins are no ordinary coins for you. We know that you see them as more than just pretty, ornate and fancy metal circular solids. What they bear – the insignia and emblems of the proud organizations they represent – bespeak of the precious values, principles and ideals possessed by the owners of these coins. It is thus the highest honor for any challenge coin minter to create the best challenge coins for their clients.

The Best Challenge Coin

The criterion is relative. It goes beyond the normal standards of artistry, authenticity, durability, and affordability. It is not enough for the challenge coin to be tough and long-lasting. It is not enough for the coin to display vibrant colors fully showcasing the emblem in its core. It is not enough for the coin to be reasonably inexpensive.

custom military coins

All these are important, but, what matters most is that the requestor of the challenge coins and the fortunate recipients of the same, feel pride at the sight of their mementos. Thus, for a challenge coin to be the best, the personal circumstances of the client must be borne in mind. After all, the challenge coin shall be his or hers to keep.

How do we do that?

Your team at assures you that you will have the best challenge coin you could possibly have. We back up our statement by providing you the following: (1) freedom in designing; (2) available expert design advice; (3) free and unlimited designing; (4) transparency in costing; and (5) prompt delivery.

1. Freedom in designing

You’ll have absolute freedom in designing your challenge coin. We will provide you with as much options as you can possibly have. For example, with respect to the size of your coins, you can choose your size from 1.50 inches to 3.00 inches, in grades of 0.25 inches. With respect to the color scheme, you have three options: a die struck coin (both sides colorless or natural), a one side color coin (one side natural, one side with colors), or a both sides color coin (both sides with colors).

Challenge Coin

For the extra-special coins, you can add a bit more flair and style by choosing your preferred additional coin options, namely: antique finish, glitter enamel, sequential numbering, duo-tone metal, key chain attachment, velvet coin bags, diamond cut edges, coin capsule, epoxy coating, velvet presentation case, glow enamel, PVC coin pouch with flap, cut outs, and 3D designs. You’ll never run out of options. And did we mention the shape? You can have custom shaped-coins, not just the traditional round.

All you have to do is tell us what you want. Then, we’ll give you something for your eyes to see, a design of your would-be coin, in 24 hours or less.

2. Available expert design advice

Chances are, you’ll fall in love with your first coin, but, you can still ask our expert artists to tweak and modify something here or there. Go ahead and shoot. Your design team at love the design and artwork challenge just as much as you love viewing your coins in their penultimate form.

3. Free and unlimited designing

challenge coinsTake your time as you wish. We want to make sure that you’ll be absolutely happy with your coin, so we won’t mint them until you say “go!” We won’t charge anything for revisions, artwork and design, so there’s nothing to worry about. We understand that some designs work better on certain kinds of coins, and you just might need to try the design on each of our metal styles, namely: polished gold, antique gold, polished silver, antique silver, polished brass, antique brass, polished copper, antique copper, black nickel metal, and duo tone metal. Worry not, our expert artists would be sure to get you what you want.

4. Transparency in costing

And you don’t have to worry about costs. In case you haven’t noticed, our name bears our foremost policy concerning pricing.

Our rates are clearly laid down, specifying the cost you’ll incur depending on your chosen coin size, quantity, color scheme, and selected additional coin options. If you order 300 pieces or more, we’ll just write off your molding fee.

5. Prompt delivery

Once the design is finalized, we’ll get your coins to you within 14 to 17 days. It’s that quick. If you need them earlier, we can certainly do rush orders for you. And oh, delivery’s free within the continental United States.

Our Commitment

Again, we make our commitment that with, you will have the best challenge coin you deserve. Our clients – the United States Armed Service, no less, among others – can very much attest to that. We understand what you need, and we understand what the challenge coin means to you. You’d rest assured you’ll have your best challenge coin – we just love that kind of challenge.

Make Sure You Purchase Quality Golf Clubs

Some golf beginners never wonder about the importance of having a firsthand knowledge on the tools they bat with. One moment it’s whole then you’ll find it broken the next. These are the types of golf clubs which are only good for three to nine strikes. Dismissing the ruptured one you are then going to buy another of the same kind-and the cycle goes on.

There’s nothing wrong about buying ‘short term’ equipment, but why settle on the cycle of continuous and accumulating purchase expenses of cheaper ones when you can invest on something of superior quality which can be used for a longer time?

Aspiring for a better, high quality performance always corresponds to wise selection of golf equipment and tools.

The following tips can help beginners in their pursuit of the best, quality golf clubs:
1. Ask for Recommendations

golf equipmentIt’s a great advantage if you have friends or colleagues who also love golf and are already well experienced in buying the right club sets. Ask them about their preferred types of golf clubs. You can find out that the equipment and tools had been chosen for a variety of reasons or factors such as price, brand, quality, features or specifications. Try to get their recommendations as these will aid you on your next step.

2. Research

From the product experiences and information you’ve gathered, research on the specifications of the different equipment and tools they have told you about. This will help you to further understand what those new or innovated product features’ purposes. Getting more familiar with the product specifications, you will then be able to identify what types of golf clubs that you would like to include in your set.

3. Product Reviews

Some of the golfers post their product experiences on the internet through blogs and social media. By knowing their opinions about the products you are now planning to purchase, you will then be able to cross out the ones that received most negative feedbacks from different product reviews you’ve read. Most dissatisfied consumers’ rants will surely give you a second thought about your choices. Beware however of competitors who disguise as unsatisfied consumers. Their false product testimonials might deny you of the best golf clubs in the market.

4. Make the Final Shopping Lists and Canvass

At this phase, you may now have become a well-informed buyer. By then you will be ready to make your final choices. Turning from store to store, you will never get yourself trapped by salesmen’s enticing product descriptions and sales talk for the equipment and tools that you have already known to be of low quality. This will also help you to avoid being too impulsive at the sight of a store’s sales promotions intended to get rid of their slow moving products. Try at least four to five stores for price comparison. One of the most recommended ways to do this in a short span of time is browsing through online stores like rather than making a personal visit.

5. Test and Check Your Purchase for Defects

Upon the arrival of your orders, try to test its quality immediately as some stores do not offer warranty for some of their products. You cannot always rely on testimonials to be true if the clubs delivered to you is already defective. Contact the distributors if you encountered some product defects or if there is a sales representative present upon delivery, ask for product testing.

It is important to be smart even in product choices and purchases as these will largely affect one’s performances and skill development in the quest for golf excellence. Always seek for the best and get rid of what is less. Another Newbie’s Kit Tips from RockBottomGolf.

A Great Choice of Custom Patches

Looking for a firm that can provide high quality, affordable custom patches? Here at Patch4Less, we make sure that your needs are well-accommodated. We make patch accessories that are intended for businesses, motorcycle clubs, sports teams, academe, military units, scouting and many others. Together with our excellent customer service, we guarantee that our custom patch will give you 100% satisfaction.

Our three-step process ensures that your ordering experience is easy and fun.

patch designYou can send to us your ideas in words or an artwork design that you already have. With our skilled and experienced graphic artists, a digital proof will be made that is subject for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the final design, we can then start creating your patch. Through our high-tech embroidery equipments, your patch will be created and delivered fast no matter what your desired production volume is.

We are known to be the pest provider of affordable prices for our custom patches. Our pricing lists vary on the size and shape of the custom patch. We have a simple way of determining the size of your custom patch. Just your patch, take the length and width’s sum and divide it by 2. The answer rounded up to the nearest half or whole number will be the size of your patch. Our prices also vary on the percentage of embroidery that you want for your custom patch. Our options range from 50%, 75% and 100% full embroidery. Our FedEx USA air shipping is free of charge! Truly, the whole process of obtaining your custom patches from us will be a breeze.

We offer several options for your embroidered patch in order to make it look good and unique amongst others. We have an array of choices for our patch backing and patch borders. Miscellaneous options are also made available to make your design more detailed and eye-catching. To make things easier for you, we can setup your patch to your garments for free.

To make sure that you only get the best from us, you have full authority on the details of your patch design. You can get rid of the traditional shapes associated with conventional patch variants. Through our attachment options, styles and colors, we assure to you that the end result of your design will be something that you are truly looking for. If you wish to start from scratch, our graphic artists are willing to help you get started. We don’t ask for additional charges if you wish to have your design revised.

We do more than the traditional sew-on patch backing. You can choose iron-on backing for quick and easy attachment of your patches. Simply place the patch on the chosen garment, put a damp towel on it, and place the iron for about half a minute on the patch area. For extra support, plastic backing is suited for you. This gives a rigid shape to your patch which allows it to maintain in form for a longer period. Plastic backing can be used together with iron-on backing option. Tape backing is suitable for consumers that have quick options with regards to their costume or outfit. As compared to other backings, tape backing is less permanent, can easily be removed and versatile.

Velcro patch backingFor a quick removal of a patch, perhaps the best choice that you have is a Velcro patch backing. They are intended for cases when you have to attach several ones in your garment and needs to have those removed more often. Lastly, button loops are the costumer’s choice when it comes to convenience. Button loops are surely good to go for any object that has something where the patch can be hanged.

Seven thread colors which are free of charge are included in every order. To have your custom patch as realistic as it is based from the design, we can offer additional thread colors for you. Aside from various palettes of threads, we also have metallic threads that allow your patch to be more attractive and flashy. Several metallic colors are available to make sure that each patch stands out in the crowd.

As for the patch borders, merrowed and hot cut edge options are available. Merrowed borders have been known to give each patch a classic and elegant look. These simple borders are free of charge. If you have intricate details in your custom patch that you have to highlight, the best option for you is to use hot cut edge to make each sharp detail stand out. Hot cut edges are best suited for custom patches that possess unique shapes.

Get your free quote today! If you have questions in mind, you can contact us toll free at 1-866-847-2824 or e-mail us at Our artists are always willing to help you get the best patch design that will fit your organization.

The Beneficial Uses of Custom Rubber Bracelets

Custom rubber bracelets are lovely and colorful accessories and can be great corporate giveaways. A number of corporations are giving away these fanciful items as part of the company’s image-building and promotion.

Besides being less on the budget, custom rubber bracelets can be ordered to enhance the company’s brand. There is a wide array of colors and designs to choose from which ranges from cool pastel colors to extremely bright and blinding neon colors.

Rubber bracelets are effective tools to market and advertise the products and services of a business. Companies and organizations have them to be given as giveaways in order to create awareness on their corporate statement.

These rubber bracelets come in many designs and all are ideal for corporate statement and logo. Some use bright neon colors to attract attention and spread awareness of the message it contains. We can also combine color in a rubber bracelet in a segment or swirl.

Here are some of the designs which you can avail from many manufacturing companies (like ours). Embossed Wristbands

•    Debossed Wristbands
•    Color-Filled Wristbands
•    Color-Coated Wristbands
•    One-Inch Wristbands
•    ¾ Inch Wristbands
•    Segmented Wristbands
•    Swirled Wristbands
•    Silk-screened Wristbands
•    Keychain Wristbands

wristbandAlong with the wide selection of designs is the wide variety of colors and color combinations. Every color has a symbolic meaning and these color meanings often aid in the choice of rubber bracelets.

Blue if often times the most chosen color for sporting events while pink is often times used to bring awareness of women’s health issues. White is a favorite color among church groups to share their inspirational messages while green symbolizes a call for body parts donations. Lastly red is widely used to represent AIDS awareness or support

Choosing to have rainbow colors in a segment can look real fantastic and fashionable. There are just too many designs we can create for our custom rubber bracelets because of the wide selection of colors and designs. We can even order for small colorful ring bands.

There are indeed plenty of selections to choose from and that there’s just no way we can go wrong. The best choice of a custom rubber bracelet, in the end, is always a matter of personal taste.

Ordering rubber bracelets for any reason that can benefit us can help us save a lot on our budget. The use of these rubber wristbands is likewise cost-effective in terms of advertising. Considering the high cost of promotional tools and media, including television, billboards, magazines, etc., it’s a great deal to make use of custom rubber wristbands.

Aside from the savings, these bracelets are durable, lightweight and easily compliment casual and trendy wears making them popular among our young teens.

Wearing these valuable custom rubber bracelets, people are getting accustomed to their significant benefits.

Therefore, the use of customs rubber bracelets is more than just a seasonal fad. It will last as long as the company’s image remains to reflect in them and users continue to enjoy the many benefits it brings.

When we are fundraising for a social event or charitable cause, it is one effective strategy to raise funds through rubber bracelets. They are easy on the budget and quick to deliver. We can easily dispose of these small items because they are not hard on the pocket. They are also attractive and alluring to most people.

Rubber bracelets in varied colors are appealing to teenagers whether use for sports activities or fashion trends. They can be used to assign colors for teams in basketball, volleyball, or any team games. These rubber bracelets can also be used to accessorize sports uniforms.

When ordering rubber bracelets, we make sure that they are made of 100% silicone materials. After all, that’s what our clients expect from us. We can order quality rubber wristbands from various online and specialty stores.

Now that we know how we can benefit from these custom rubber bracelets, why not order now?

Rubber bracelets are effective tools to market and advertise the products and services of a business. These rubber bracelets come in many designs.

Customizing Custom Lanyards: How To Start

Custom lanyards have become popular even before 21st century; however, customizing it makes it more famous since many individuals are hooked in designing their very own material. This is how the business starts. Allowing customers to style their very own lanyards make it appealing to consumers globally due to the fact that it encourage in believing and creating their own fashion. And this is where we place ourselves into, to believe and encourage our customers to bring out their personal choice by creating their own custom lanyards. In commencing to a stylish lanyard, our factory is introducing the styles and its descriptions, as well as its price.

The Attachments

Our company is very pleased to present the different styles of attachments or the hooks that connects the fabric lanyard to the ID or any light materials to be clipped. It includes the following: the thumb trigger, bulldog clip, carabiner, cellphone loop, safety break and the oval hook.

Thumb trigger. A silver colored metal with a semi-rounded shape uses the thumb in releasing the hook. Most people prefer this kind of attachment because it strongly fastens the attached object.

Bulldog Clip. A two rectangular flat shape of springy metal that attached together to hold objects. We offer this kind of clip because it is stylish yet hooks effectively to any kinds of flat objects.

Custom lanyards

Carabiner. It is a D-shape thickened wire used for quick and reversible connections to any objects. Our factory made an updated version of this hook making it more stylish look.

Cell Phone Loop. It is rounded strap that attached into a thick plastic material basically used in holding cell phones or any light materials.

Safety Break. It is a black colored screw like plastic hook that is easily to break and attached. Click here the-lanyard-factory for more details about lanyards. This type is the most popular because of its elegant style.

Oval Hook. This is like a small medal façade with a modernized silver colored metal. Our factory offer this kind of hook because of its strong and economically use.

The Different Materials

Six synthetic fabrics are used in creating custom lanyards. Our company is dedicated in providing best materials because we want to make our customers not just one time but for life. In this regard, we are devoted in producing the most elegant and stylish yet affordable fabrics for our customers.

Polyester Fabric

This type of fabric is the most popular for the customers because of its strong fiber. The silk printed material imprinted perfectly based on the styles and design of the customers. We are certain that the designs exactly look the same with the custom lanyards we produced.

Woven lanyards

Weaved typed material is often the façade of this lanyard. Most customers ordered woven lanyard because of its embroidered like patches that gives elegant style. Polyester fabric is used on this kind lanyard.

Nylon lanyards

It is famous for its “wash and wear” quality because of its strong material yet blended with softness. In addition, the shiny and smoothness of the nylon fabric make it favorable for the designer’s choice. Nylon lanyard is most ordered for huge events and large crowds gatherings.

Dye Sublimated or Full Color

This kind of fabric is mechanically printed with multi colored printer. It is best for customers who are fond of patterns with intricate colors. We are dedicated to print every styles designed by our customers.

Tubular Lanyard

A semi-flattened tube like style of lanyard makes it more classy and lively to look. One good thing about this is it will never create a crease or loses it shape.

Printing Your Style

Once the hook and materials are chosen, it is time to send the designs and styles. Our factory was designed to bring out the best printed quality on the materials. Every style was slowly scrutinized to produce and deliver the output that you are expecting. We guarantee a 100% satisfaction on our customers.

How a Keynote Speaker can Prepare for an Event

Any organization, may be one that aims for profit or not, needs inspired and driven employees. These employees are the backbone of the organization. They can make or break the group. They can either push the company forward or they could make the operations stagnant. If they have the drive to do their jobs properly, then, they can certainly achieve their business goals.

To keep their employees inspired and driven, the management usually hire a keynote speaker to talk some sense into them. This lecturer needs to do several preparations in order to deliver a good speech to those who will listen to him. Otherwise, he may not be able to properly share his insights and perform his duties to his clients as well as to the listeners.

Once his services are taken advantage of by a specific client, the professional has to talk to him first. They should have a discussion with regards to some rules and regulations. This way, both of these parties can also set their own expectations as to what they really want from the event. The client might also specify the topic he wants the lecturer to discuss in front of the attendees. Both sides must also come up with an agreement with regards to the rate of the keynote speaker’s services.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker must also take note when and where the event will take place. It is important for him to know the date so that he can allocate enough time to make his preparations. He should also know the venue beforehand. This way, he can ask for directions on how to reach the place especially if he is not familiar with such location. Through such preparations, he will also be able easily modify his presentation, if necessary, with minimal changes.

Speaking of preparations, one sure way of preparing for this event would be to conduct research about the company of the employer who hired him. Certainly, someone will be able to talk about specific matters if he possesses knowledge regarding the organization. On the other hand, his listeners will be able to fully understand and grasp the information he is discussing if these are related to the industry that the company is categorized under. He has to remember that his client wants him to share certain points to the employees to help his business. The lecturer cannot attain such goal if he does not really know and understand how this company operates.

It is also best for the professional to know the kind of audience that he will be engaging with. He might want to check on their age groups, or other criteria. This way, he could tailor fit his approach to the listeners. For instance, if he has an audience that is mainly composed of older people, then, it might be very difficult to start off his speech with a game that requires a lot of body movement. In this example, he has to consider the safety of the elderly. Whatever types of audiences he will have, he can definitely go with different approaches, such as games, jokes, or even sing songs, as long as he will be able to deliver his message clearly.

The keynote speaker should get enough sleep the night before the event. He could also prepare some notes so that he can organize his thoughts and deliver his speech smoothly. On the day of the event, he must eat breakfast as he cannot perform his duty on an empty stomach. He could also prepare several materials, such as handouts, PowerPoint presentations, or the likes to keep the audience’s attention.

Custom Lanyards: Tips On How To Cut The Cost Of Your Orders

Good news to all of the organizations, companies, groups, event organizers and other people who are planning to purchase custom lanyards. Quantity and add-ons are not the only things that affect the cost of your orders. There are a lot of ways on how you can cut the cost of your orders. Most of these are just simple but not always taken advantage by most buyers. You can actually save a lot with the help of these simple tips.

Read on to find out how you can cut the cost of your first or next purchase.
Beware of the hidden charges.

To make sure that you will not get out of your budget, you have to make sure that you are aware of all the charges that you will have to pay for your orders. Getting a quote before placing your orders is a wise move. This is one of the very first things that you need to do. Make sure that it is itemized.

You also have to keep in mind that there are charges that must always be there unless if the lanyard company offers them for free. The shipping fee as well as the charges for the initial setup are among those things. There are some companies that offer a free quote. They are obviously preferable since you will be able to do this very first step for free.

The quality of your orders affects their prices.

Custom LanyardsAside from the add-ons, the lanyard types and number of colors used on your lanyards can increase their prices as well. Also, the regular price of the lanyards does not include any add on. If you add one, it can automatically increase the price of each lanyard. You do not have to worry about the backing options, border type and colors. You can find some companies that offer various backing options and border types for free. Aside from that, most of them will not charge you of any additional charge unless your custom lanyards requires more than 7 colors.

Buy in bulk as much as possible.

There are some organizations, companies and other groups that do not order lanyards in bulk. Most of them just purchase the number of custom lanyards that they currently need. This is not actually a problem since you only need at least 10 lanyards per design to make sure that your lanyards are at their lowest cost.

However, if you are purchasing those custom lanyards for a certain group or company, it would be better if you order more than what you currently need. You can just apply the “Stock and Hold” program instead of reordering the same lanyards a few months after the previous purchase. The larger your purchase is, the bigger your discounts will be. Just make sure that the lanyard seller you opt for offer that discount.

Most of the do because they can also save if those multiple orders are done in one production run. This is one of their ways to encourage their clients to purchase as much as they will need. One of the best part of this is that you can also save from paying only one shipping fee.

There are a lot more things you can do to save but these are among the best ways. You can also take advantage of the freebies that a lot of lanyard companies offer. The most important thing you have to do is to look for the right company to purchase from. One that is reputable and already trusted by many. It is also advisable that you read some reviews about the lanyard company as well as the custom lanyards that they produce.

lanyard Whether used to hold I.D. badges, membership cards, keys or other small items, lanyards quickly become a natural part of the organization.

HCG drops for a healthier and sexier you!

ultra-hcg-life-dropsHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is naturally produced by the syncytiotrophoblast. It is frequently used as a tumor marker because the beta subunit of this hormone is secreted by some cancers. For women, it is used to induce ovulation. Women who have infertility problems also take it. It is used to enhance the production of the female hormone called progesterone. For men, it is used to stimulate the Leydig cells to produce testosterone. The testosterone is responsible for male characteristics such as the development of the Adam’s apple and deepening of the voice. It also has a function in cell differentiation, which is an important process that determines the type of cell produced and its function in the body. This is the reason people have skin cells, red blood cells, sex cells, and a lot of other cell types. The most popular benefit is weight loss. Apart from proper diet and regular exercise, hormonal drops are also taken by people who want to lose some excess weight.

As people age, the body becomes more fragile and susceptible to diseases. The metabolic rate also slows down, that’s why a huge percentage of the population is obese. Exercising is good for losing unnecessary weight. The problem is, a lot of people have no time to exercise because of their busy schedules. Let’s face it; it’s really hard to be motivated in exercising. Eating a balanced meal is also an option to lose weight. This is very hard since people find it difficult to cut off carbohydrates.

We offer the safest and most effective HCG drops in the market. Our products are made from natural ingredients and they also give the body more energy. They are also inexpensive, as compared to injections and other weight loss pills. Even without exercise, the body’s energy levels do not decrease. The results are visible soon after taking them. People can lose as much as one to two pounds per day.

Drops are safer to use than injections. Injections have a lot of possible side effects which include the following: headache, blood clotting, water retention, allergic reactions and ovarian hyper stimulation for women. There is also a risk in using injections that are non-sterile. Using injections can also be a problem especially for those who don’t know how to use them.

In the human body, there are three kinds of fats. The structural fat provides essential padding for the organs, muscles and bones. The normal fat provides the body with calories needed for everyday activities. The visceral fat surrounds the internal organs and it is hard to lose. It just adds up to the body mass. What our products do is that they convert this fat into nutrients that can be used by the body.

We offer diet kits that can aid in losing weight for just a short period of time. First, is the HCG Triumph Mini. Its regular retail price is $77.20, but we offer it for only $67.20. The kit has a diet book, oral syringe, Vitamin B complex, Xilo and Stevia (any flavor).
The Triumph 40 is priced at $143.20. It is a 40-day supply complete with vitamin B complex, a diet guide book, oral syringe and diet approved recipes. We also have Triumph 26 refill priced at $79.60, which is a 26-day supply of drops. It also has vitamin B complex and free support for the diet plan.

What’s good about our products is that there are a lot of choices that can fit the budget. There are three main phases in our program which can help customers find the perfect diet kit. Phase one is the fat loading phase. Loading up a lot of calories is a must. At the same time, diet drops can be taken. Soon after, there will be a loss of appetite. The reason for this is that the diet drop is an appetite suppressant.

Phase two is the diet phase. Too much fats and carbohydrates should be avoided and the diet should be limited to 500 calories per day. There’s no need to worry since energy is still provided from the fats that are burned by the HCG drops. It may seem a bit hard at the start to limit the food intake, but there are still a lot of choices to choose from. Whole wheat bread, tuna, salmon, chicken breast and green leafy vegetables are just some of the food choices. Yogurt and fresh fruits can serve as dessert. As much as possible, prevent eating foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates.

The last phase is the maintenance phase. It is also the most important step in this three-way diet. There should be regular monitoring of the calorie intake and constant use of HCG drops. Otherwise, this whole diet program will go to waste.

We ensure that the customers are satisfied with the quality of our products and the services that we offer. We believe that a fit and healthy body results to a longer and fruitful life. Having a fit body gives confidence and boosts a person’s self-esteem. There’s no need to wait, buy our products now and see the difference! is your number one supplier for all real HCG Drops and diet liquid drops. Get more details about diet drops.