The Best Challenge Coin: The Commitment

No Ordinary Coin

Here, at, we understand that challenge coins are no ordinary coins for you. We know that you see them as more than just pretty, ornate and fancy metal circular solids. What they bear – the insignia and emblems of the proud organizations they represent – bespeak of the precious values, principles and ideals possessed by the owners of these coins. It is thus the highest honor for any challenge coin minter to create the best challenge coins for their clients.

The Best Challenge Coin

The criterion is relative. It goes beyond the normal standards of artistry, authenticity, durability, and affordability. It is not enough for the challenge coin to be tough and long-lasting. It is not enough for the coin to display vibrant colors fully showcasing the emblem in its core. It is not enough for the coin to be reasonably inexpensive.

custom military coins

All these are important, but, what matters most is that the requestor of the challenge coins and the fortunate recipients of the same, feel pride at the sight of their mementos. Thus, for a challenge coin to be the best, the personal circumstances of the client must be borne in mind. After all, the challenge coin shall be his or hers to keep.

How do we do that?

Your team at assures you that you will have the best challenge coin you could possibly have. We back up our statement by providing you the following: (1) freedom in designing; (2) available expert design advice; (3) free and unlimited designing; (4) transparency in costing; and (5) prompt delivery.

1. Freedom in designing

You’ll have absolute freedom in designing your challenge coin. We will provide you with as much options as you can possibly have. For example, with respect to the size of your coins, you can choose your size from 1.50 inches to 3.00 inches, in grades of 0.25 inches. With respect to the color scheme, you have three options: a die struck coin (both sides colorless or natural), a one side color coin (one side natural, one side with colors), or a both sides color coin (both sides with colors).

Challenge Coin

For the extra-special coins, you can add a bit more flair and style by choosing your preferred additional coin options, namely: antique finish, glitter enamel, sequential numbering, duo-tone metal, key chain attachment, velvet coin bags, diamond cut edges, coin capsule, epoxy coating, velvet presentation case, glow enamel, PVC coin pouch with flap, cut outs, and 3D designs. You’ll never run out of options. And did we mention the shape? You can have custom shaped-coins, not just the traditional round.

All you have to do is tell us what you want. Then, we’ll give you something for your eyes to see, a design of your would-be coin, in 24 hours or less.

2. Available expert design advice

Chances are, you’ll fall in love with your first coin, but, you can still ask our expert artists to tweak and modify something here or there. Go ahead and shoot. Your design team at love the design and artwork challenge just as much as you love viewing your coins in their penultimate form.

3. Free and unlimited designing

challenge coinsTake your time as you wish. We want to make sure that you’ll be absolutely happy with your coin, so we won’t mint them until you say “go!” We won’t charge anything for revisions, artwork and design, so there’s nothing to worry about. We understand that some designs work better on certain kinds of coins, and you just might need to try the design on each of our metal styles, namely: polished gold, antique gold, polished silver, antique silver, polished brass, antique brass, polished copper, antique copper, black nickel metal, and duo tone metal. Worry not, our expert artists would be sure to get you what you want.

4. Transparency in costing

And you don’t have to worry about costs. In case you haven’t noticed, our name bears our foremost policy concerning pricing.

Our rates are clearly laid down, specifying the cost you’ll incur depending on your chosen coin size, quantity, color scheme, and selected additional coin options. If you order 300 pieces or more, we’ll just write off your molding fee.

5. Prompt delivery

Once the design is finalized, we’ll get your coins to you within 14 to 17 days. It’s that quick. If you need them earlier, we can certainly do rush orders for you. And oh, delivery’s free within the continental United States.

Our Commitment

Again, we make our commitment that with, you will have the best challenge coin you deserve. Our clients – the United States Armed Service, no less, among others – can very much attest to that. We understand what you need, and we understand what the challenge coin means to you. You’d rest assured you’ll have your best challenge coin – we just love that kind of challenge.

Make Sure You Purchase Quality Golf Clubs

Some golf beginners never wonder about the importance of having a firsthand knowledge on the tools they bat with. One moment it’s whole then you’ll find it broken the next. These are the types of golf clubs which are only good for three to nine strikes. Dismissing the ruptured one you are then going to buy another of the same kind-and the cycle goes on.

There’s nothing wrong about buying ‘short term’ equipment, but why settle on the cycle of continuous and accumulating purchase expenses of cheaper ones when you can invest on something of superior quality which can be used for a longer time?

Aspiring for a better, high quality performance always corresponds to wise selection of golf equipment and tools.

The following tips can help beginners in their pursuit of the best, quality golf clubs:
1. Ask for Recommendations

golf equipmentIt’s a great advantage if you have friends or colleagues who also love golf and are already well experienced in buying the right club sets. Ask them about their preferred types of golf clubs. You can find out that the equipment and tools had been chosen for a variety of reasons or factors such as price, brand, quality, features or specifications. Try to get their recommendations as these will aid you on your next step.

2. Research

From the product experiences and information you’ve gathered, research on the specifications of the different equipment and tools they have told you about. This will help you to further understand what those new or innovated product features’ purposes. Getting more familiar with the product specifications, you will then be able to identify what types of golf clubs that you would like to include in your set.

3. Product Reviews

Some of the golfers post their product experiences on the internet through blogs and social media. By knowing their opinions about the products you are now planning to purchase, you will then be able to cross out the ones that received most negative feedbacks from different product reviews you’ve read. Most dissatisfied consumers’ rants will surely give you a second thought about your choices. Beware however of competitors who disguise as unsatisfied consumers. Their false product testimonials might deny you of the best golf clubs in the market.

4. Make the Final Shopping Lists and Canvass

At this phase, you may now have become a well-informed buyer. By then you will be ready to make your final choices. Turning from store to store, you will never get yourself trapped by salesmen’s enticing product descriptions and sales talk for the equipment and tools that you have already known to be of low quality. This will also help you to avoid being too impulsive at the sight of a store’s sales promotions intended to get rid of their slow moving products. Try at least four to five stores for price comparison. One of the most recommended ways to do this in a short span of time is browsing through online stores like rather than making a personal visit.

5. Test and Check Your Purchase for Defects

Upon the arrival of your orders, try to test its quality immediately as some stores do not offer warranty for some of their products. You cannot always rely on testimonials to be true if the clubs delivered to you is already defective. Contact the distributors if you encountered some product defects or if there is a sales representative present upon delivery, ask for product testing.

It is important to be smart even in product choices and purchases as these will largely affect one’s performances and skill development in the quest for golf excellence. Always seek for the best and get rid of what is less. Another Newbie’s Kit Tips from RockBottomGolf.