A Great Choice of Custom Patches

Looking for a firm that can provide high quality, affordable custom patches? Here at Patch4Less, we make sure that your needs are well-accommodated. We make patch accessories that are intended for businesses, motorcycle clubs, sports teams, academe, military units, scouting and many others. Together with our excellent customer service, we guarantee that our custom patch will give you 100% satisfaction.

Our three-step process ensures that your ordering experience is easy and fun.

patch designYou can send to us your ideas in words or an artwork design that you already have. With our skilled and experienced graphic artists, a digital proof will be made that is subject for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the final design, we can then start creating your patch. Through our high-tech embroidery equipments, your patch will be created and delivered fast no matter what your desired production volume is.

We are known to be the pest provider of affordable prices for our custom patches. Our pricing lists vary on the size and shape of the custom patch. We have a simple way of determining the size of your custom patch. Just your patch, take the length and width’s sum and divide it by 2. The answer rounded up to the nearest half or whole number will be the size of your patch. Our prices also vary on the percentage of embroidery that you want for your custom patch. Our options range from 50%, 75% and 100% full embroidery. Our FedEx USA air shipping is free of charge! Truly, the whole process of obtaining your custom patches from us will be a breeze.

We offer several options for your embroidered patch in order to make it look good and unique amongst others. We have an array of choices for our patch backing and patch borders. Miscellaneous options are also made available to make your design more detailed and eye-catching. To make things easier for you, we can setup your patch to your garments for free.

To make sure that you only get the best from us, you have full authority on the details of your patch design. You can get rid of the traditional shapes associated with conventional patch variants. Through our attachment options, styles and colors, we assure to you that the end result of your design will be something that you are truly looking for. If you wish to start from scratch, our graphic artists are willing to help you get started. We don’t ask for additional charges if you wish to have your design revised.

We do more than the traditional sew-on patch backing. You can choose iron-on backing for quick and easy attachment of your patches. Simply place the patch on the chosen garment, put a damp towel on it, and place the iron for about half a minute on the patch area. For extra support, plastic backing is suited for you. This gives a rigid shape to your patch which allows it to maintain in form for a longer period. Plastic backing can be used together with iron-on backing option. Tape backing is suitable for consumers that have quick options with regards to their costume or outfit. As compared to other backings, tape backing is less permanent, can easily be removed and versatile.

Velcro patch backingFor a quick removal of a patch, perhaps the best choice that you have is a Velcro patch backing. They are intended for cases when you have to attach several ones in your garment and needs to have those removed more often. Lastly, button loops are the costumer’s choice when it comes to convenience. Button loops are surely good to go for any object that has something where the patch can be hanged.

Seven thread colors which are free of charge are included in every order. To have your custom patch as realistic as it is based from the design, we can offer additional thread colors for you. Aside from various palettes of threads, we also have metallic threads that allow your patch to be more attractive and flashy. Several metallic colors are available to make sure that each patch stands out in the crowd.

As for the patch borders, merrowed and hot cut edge options are available. Merrowed borders have been known to give each patch a classic and elegant look. These simple borders are free of charge. If you have intricate details in your custom patch that you have to highlight, the best option for you is to use hot cut edge to make each sharp detail stand out. Hot cut edges are best suited for custom patches that possess unique shapes.

Get your free quote today! If you have questions in mind, you can contact us toll free at 1-866-847-2824 or e-mail us at sales@patches4less.com. Our artists are always willing to help you get the best patch design that will fit your organization.