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ultra-hcg-life-dropsHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is naturally produced by the syncytiotrophoblast. It is frequently used as a tumor marker because the beta subunit of this hormone is secreted by some cancers. For women, it is used to induce ovulation. Women who have infertility problems also take it. It is used to enhance the production of the female hormone called progesterone. For men, it is used to stimulate the Leydig cells to produce testosterone. The testosterone is responsible for male characteristics such as the development of the Adam’s apple and deepening of the voice. It also has a function in cell differentiation, which is an important process that determines the type of cell produced and its function in the body. This is the reason people have skin cells, red blood cells, sex cells, and a lot of other cell types. The most popular benefit is weight loss. Apart from proper diet and regular exercise, hormonal drops are also taken by people who want to lose some excess weight.

As people age, the body becomes more fragile and susceptible to diseases. The metabolic rate also slows down, that’s why a huge percentage of the population is obese. Exercising is good for losing unnecessary weight. The problem is, a lot of people have no time to exercise because of their busy schedules. Let’s face it; it’s really hard to be motivated in exercising. Eating a balanced meal is also an option to lose weight. This is very hard since people find it difficult to cut off carbohydrates.

We offer the safest and most effective HCG drops in the market. Our products are made from natural ingredients and they also give the body more energy. They are also inexpensive, as compared to injections and other weight loss pills. Even without exercise, the body’s energy levels do not decrease. The results are visible soon after taking them. People can lose as much as one to two pounds per day.

Drops are safer to use than injections. Injections have a lot of possible side effects which include the following: headache, blood clotting, water retention, allergic reactions and ovarian hyper stimulation for women. There is also a risk in using injections that are non-sterile. Using injections can also be a problem especially for those who don’t know how to use them.

In the human body, there are three kinds of fats. The structural fat provides essential padding for the organs, muscles and bones. The normal fat provides the body with calories needed for everyday activities. The visceral fat surrounds the internal organs and it is hard to lose. It just adds up to the body mass. What our products do is that they convert this fat into nutrients that can be used by the body.

We offer diet kits that can aid in losing weight for just a short period of time. First, is the HCG Triumph Mini. Its regular retail price is $77.20, but we offer it for only $67.20. The kit has a diet book, oral syringe, Vitamin B complex, Xilo and Stevia (any flavor).
The Triumph 40 is priced at $143.20. It is a 40-day supply complete with vitamin B complex, a diet guide book, oral syringe and diet approved recipes. We also have Triumph 26 refill priced at $79.60, which is a 26-day supply of drops. It also has vitamin B complex and free support for the diet plan.

What’s good about our products is that there are a lot of choices that can fit the budget. There are three main phases in our program which can help customers find the perfect diet kit. Phase one is the fat loading phase. Loading up a lot of calories is a must. At the same time, diet drops can be taken. Soon after, there will be a loss of appetite. The reason for this is that the diet drop is an appetite suppressant.

Phase two is the diet phase. Too much fats and carbohydrates should be avoided and the diet should be limited to 500 calories per day. There’s no need to worry since energy is still provided from the fats that are burned by the HCG drops. It may seem a bit hard at the start to limit the food intake, but there are still a lot of choices to choose from. Whole wheat bread, tuna, salmon, chicken breast and green leafy vegetables are just some of the food choices. Yogurt and fresh fruits can serve as dessert. As much as possible, prevent eating foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates.

The last phase is the maintenance phase. It is also the most important step in this three-way diet. There should be regular monitoring of the calorie intake and constant use of HCG drops. Otherwise, this whole diet program will go to waste.

We ensure that the customers are satisfied with the quality of our products and the services that we offer. We believe that a fit and healthy body results to a longer and fruitful life. Having a fit body gives confidence and boosts a person’s self-esteem. There’s no need to wait, buy our products now and see the difference!

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